Hi, I’m Carla Meyrink. I’m originally from the west coast of Canada, but for the past 24 years I’ve been living and teaching in Santo Domingo, the capital city of the Dominican Republic. I’m the founder and the secondary director of a small, innovative school called The Community for Learning.

I started this blog for multiple reasons. As our school moves towards Project Based Learning and as my memory becomes increasingly fickle, I’ve found a need to organize resources and ideas in one (hopefully) easy-to-find place. I also wanted to become familiar with the technology we’d be asking our teachers and students to use, and I needed a place to reflect on my own learning.

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But most of all, I want to interact with others. When I began teaching, it was a lonely affair. I went into my class, closed the door and shared my passion for learning with my students – but outside of the classroom, I certainly didn’t talk about anything to do with education. Since then, though, the internet has opened the world to me – I have found other passionate educators who freely share their learning and their creativity with others. I’ve learned more from these dialogues than from any other professional development I’ve undertaken. I hope that people will read this blog and take the time to comment, share ideas and links, and help me continue this adventure in learning.

On the Teaching Experiment, you can find my musings on PBL, the resources we use or create, and our successes and failures along the way. Some of my posts are about the growth of TCFL and my reflections on the kind of learning community our school has become. You’ll also find reviews of the professional literature I read and guest posts by teachers I admire.

Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you!