I subscribe to the Nerdy Book Club blog which I read with my coffee tea every morning. It’s all about my passion: books. But on Monday it was different. It was a call to join a  NERDLUTION……and as I read and clicked on the links, it sounded like just what I needed at that moment.

Growing up, I was definitely a book nerd. And since everyone had labeled me as a nerd, I lived up to my reputation – which meant no athletics ever. I was a couch potato all the way. About 6 years ago, though, my daughter (who is as hard-headed as they come) trained me to run. And I have to say, running has changed my life. Three years ago, I added yoga to my routine and began to see myself as a truly active person. But I live in constant fear that if I sit back on the couch for a few days in a row, I may never get up again.

In the last month and a half, for a number of reasons (laziness being one of them), I fell out of my exercise routine. As each day passed I became more afraid that, yes, it had happened: I was no longer a runner. Then I read the Nerdy Book Club blog post about setting a 50-day goal and it whipped me into action… sort of.

At first, I thought, yes, I’ll run for 50 days… but I know that won’t happen, and setting a resolution that is too difficult is just a sure way to guarantee failure. So I came up with other ideas:

  • stop drinking coffee for 50 days
  • write a blog post everyday for 50 days (who am I kidding?)
  • follow a vegetarian diet for 50 days

But deep down I knew that these were all just excuses. What I really needed to do was commit to exercising for 50 solid days. So I went to my yoga class on Monday and yesterday I laced up my running shoes for the first time in weeks……it felt great!!

If you’re inspired, read this blogpost by Christopher Lehman and find out how to join the nerdlution 🙂

Editor’s note: this so-called “hard-headed” daughter, who edits this blog, thinks Carla should commit to all four goals… except for maybe quitting coffee, because who would willingly subject themselves to that?




  1. It’s great to have you in the mix.

  2. Nerdlution everyday!!

  3. I bought a bike, and it changed my life! Sometimes, Susie Q, don’t think… do!

  4. teachingexperiment December 4, 2013 at 11:45 pm

    Yup…. I agree. But sometimes we need a little kick in the butt to get moving 🙂

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